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Can you increase the value of your home with a new Furnace or Air Conditioner Installation?

August 1, 2016

Can you increase the value of your home with a new Furnace or Air Conditioner Installation?

It’s interesting - As homeowners we usually have, floating around in the back of our minds, a list of home improvement projects that we’d like to complete.  Whether your intent to upgrade is driven by a desire to sell your home, or just increase the enjoyment derived from being at your home, you probably tend to be more concerned about aesthetics (like new carpet) than the behind-the-scenes aspects of your home (like your air conditioner).


One thing to always consider is how your home improvements will affect the the resale value of your home.  Often times when considering something like a new furnace or air conditioner installation, we tend to forget about the value that it brings to our homes - it’s an investment for now and the future.


After all, It’s often things like your heating and cooling system, roof, and foundation that will become the swing vote when deciding which home a buy will ultimately purchase.  When someone is looking to buy your home, the value of their investment is their top priority.  Therefore, if it’s been 20 years since the installation of your air conditioner or furnace, you might be losing the ability to sell your home quickly.  It’s also possible that the potential buyers will use the fact that your heating a cooling system is so old as a bargaining chip to justify their low offers.  


Can you increase the value of your home with a new furnace or air conditioner installation?  Absolutely.  Not only does a new installation of a furnace or air conditioner save potential buyers from having to invest additional money into their new home, but having an energy efficient furnace or air conditioner installed (coupled with a programmable thermostat) will save the new homeowner money month after month on their electrical and gas bills.  


Are you considering having a new furnace or air conditioner installed?  In Cleveland, there’s only one place to turn for the best furnace and air conditioner installation services -  Call us today at --- 216-481-4200

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